Lead Kalu Yala's Reception & Rooms Teams

At our remote destination in the jungle, we have a full-team of drivers, cooks, housekeepers, bartenders, maintenance and landscapers, and jungle adventure guides... but we need You to help organize and coordinate us delivering Great Guest Experiences!


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Role Description:

You love Kalu Yala's mission, the outdoors and want to make sure people who visit us have an unforgettable time in nature. At the same time, you understand the necesity of technology & administration in coordinating visits to Kalu Yala. Software platforms with tutorials do not intimidate you, in fact, you thrive mastering new tools and skills to advance your career.

A Part of Kalu Yala's Reception & Room Management Team, you will be responsible for knowing who is visiting Kalu Yala each morning and letting all the departments know so they can be ready to deliver a welcoming and casual jungle adventure, even though we are in a remote and logistically complex location. Beyond organizational and administrative skills, you understand the critical role of mastering Reservations software in order to support our team and our clients with your planning and communication.

This job has the choice to work Monday through Friday or Thursday through Monday, but must ensure Reception is coordinated during your days off. Evaluations are every 6 weeks and you welcome feedback, because you have an achievement oriented personality.


  • 2+ years working in Customer Service.
  • Willing to Fill Out Daily Admin Reports.
  • Great Communicator with Organizational Skills to Coordinate Guests & Kalu Yala.
  • Basic Cash Box Management Skills.
  • Conversational Spanish and English. 
  • Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here: www.kaluyala.com

Preferred Skills:

  • 75% Bilingual in Spanish & English
  • Ability to Manage Housekeeping with an Attention to Detail
  • Property Management Software Experience or Highly Comfortable Mastering New Software Platforms.


  • $750 to $1,200 per month, based on experience and skills. 
  • Room + Board in our tropical wilderness camp valued at $600 a month.
Apply to Work at Kalu Yala!
"Working at Kalu Yala let me live close to nature, create lifelong friends, and pursue my true passion while building my CV." Brad Schumann
"Kalu Yala is a great place to learn about yourself and develop hard skills for your career, whether is it in eco-tourism, traditional hospitality, or another sector." Brinson Camp
"At Kalu Yala, I got to perfect my conversational English, meet people from around the world who share my values, and help build a great community that I will always feel part of." Elsie DeCreux