Assistant General Manager.

Do you have strong management skills, a proven ability to appropriately assign or delegate work, and feel comfortable as a leader with the authority to push your team to accomplish the team's goals? 

Are you ambitious and available to work when needed, including weekends, holidays, and nights, if performance compensation is agreed upon?


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Role Description:

You love Kalu Yala's mission, the outdoors and the Customer Service and Hospitality Industries. You have the ambition personally and professionally to become a leader in your field and take responsibility for your team's success. You have both social and administrative skills and are not afraid to make the unpopular decisions can be required to lead to long-term success and wellbeing for your team.

OTA, Property Management Software, Points of Sales, Cash Control and Cashbox Management, Inventory Controls and Purchase Orders, and Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports are not new words to you. In fact, you thrive in creating harmony, a positive work environment for your team, and unforgettable experiences for your guests.

This job has the choice to work Monday through Friday or Thursday through Monday, but must ensure Reception is coordinated during your days off. Most importantly, you can carry yourself with a smile and lead hard conversations while maintaining a kind disposition. You love to lead by example and build teams through your own actions.


  • 3+ years working in Customer Service as a GM, Assistant GM, Head of Reception or Room Management or 2+ Years in Customer Service with a Degree in Hospitality Management.
  • Accustomed to Filling Out Daily Reports.
  • Provide coaching, advice, and professional evaluation to the team and advise management.

  • Conversational Spanish and English. 

  • Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here:

Preferred Skills:

  • 75% Bilingual in Spanish & English
  • Experience with Performance Evaluations of Co-Workers.
  • Property Management Software Experience or Highly Comfortable Mastering New Software Platforms.


  • $900 to $1,500 per month, based on experience and skills. 
  • Room + Board in our tropical wilderness camp valued at $600 a month.
Apply to Work at Kalu Yala!
"Working at Kalu Yala let me live close to nature, create lifelong friends, and pursue my true passion while building my CV." Brad Schumann
"Kalu Yala is a great place to learn about yourself and develop hard skills for your career, whether is it in eco-tourism, traditional hospitality, or another sector." Brinson Camp
"At Kalu Yala, I got to perfect my conversational English, meet people from around the world who share my values, and help build a great community that I will always feel part of." Elsie DeCreux