Current Job Openings:

Live outside for 1 month, 3 months, or spend over a Year Building Your CV while living in Nature creating Community... Join the Kalu Yala Team!


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Lifestyle and Financial Benifits:

Whether you prefer to Volunteer, Work-Exchange, or Intern for 1 month, be Paid Monthly for 1 to 3 months, or Sign a Contract to Stay Longer, You Will Receive All these Great Benefits that Equal almost No Cost of Living:

1. No rent: A walk-in private tent with a modern double mattress and all furnishings provided for you.

2. No Food Costs: We serve 3 meals per day, plus a free happy hour drink, every day of the week, whether you are a volunteer or making a manager's salary.

3. The only thing you need to pay for are trips you decide to take and any financial obligations you had before coming to Kalu Yala, like student loans, apartment leases you can't cancel, etc. 

4. We will even provide a $350 signing bonus when you start and another $350 upon the successful completion of 3 months on the job.

5. Our wages are highly competitive with similar jobs in Panama, but you will be amazed at how much the cost savings add up whether you are wanting a career in eco-tourims or outdoor recreation, a summer adventure in the jungle as an intern, or to save money and extend your time traveling the world.

Be Part of Kalu Yala's Comeback!

1. Head Reservations Agent: $600 per Month to Start, $750 when 2 HubSpot Certifications are Completed, plus 5% commission of every Reservation after 100 per Month. 

2. Head Receptionist: $750 per Month.

3. Volunteer Hiking Guide: 1 to 3 Month Commitment. Salary Potential after 1 Month. 

4. Food Forest Intern: 1 to 3 Month Volunteer Commitment. Salary Potential after 1 Month. 

5. Food & Beverage Supervisor / Kitchen Manager: $900 to 1,200 per Month, based on current skills, personality fit and experience

6. Guest Relations Supervisor: $900 to $1,200 per Month, based on current skills, personality fit and experience.

7. Assistant General Manager: $1,000 to $1,500 per Month, based on current skills, personality fit and experience.

Apply to Work at Kalu Yala!
"Working at Kalu Yala let me live close to nature, create lifelong friends, and pursue my true passion while building my CV." Brad Schumann
"Kalu Yala is a great place to learn about yourself and develop hard skills for your career, whether is it in eco-tourism, traditional hospitality, or another sector." Brinson Camp
"At Kalu Yala, I got to perfect my conversational English, meet people from around the world who share my values, and help build a great community that I will always feel part of." Elsie DeCreux